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Artist Statment


I make art by bringing different approaches together. Much of my process is a conversation with materials. I may start a piece with a needle and thread, but finish with video, sound, and scent. The formal elements of my work are derived from atmospheric formations, mineral crystals, and other facets of ecology, as well as an archive of artistic precedents – suggesting a meditation on the essence of landscape through a multiform, and an exploration of a world that is not absolutely apparent, a reality that is not only visual in nature.

My practice has always been transfixed by the ancient history of spirituality and visual art. The fact that artists create things is in itself, a spiritual endeavor. My creative research explores perceptual manifestations of spirituality, mystery, and the contemporary sublime, and considers how these concepts relate, or do not relate, to larger cultural values. I have found this research to be revealing of our selves, the environments we inhabit, and the world as a community that we may not have otherwise seen or taken the time to understand.


To perceive is to slow down, to quiet our minds, and to grasp our own smallness, observing that we have a great ability, but also that we are incapable of infinite perception, which is ultimately what the world is – infinite.